Friday, October 12, 2012

OPQRSTIAMPLE...Not just letters of the Alphabet

I really should put a disclaimer at the first of this post because it's about 3 AM. If nothing makes sense, that is why. So if anyone wants to know what my life is like lately here it goes:
Wake up.
Get ready for work.
Yep that's basically it! Notice that there is a lot of studying going on...ya I'm just as shocked as you guys! Do I like it...not really...does it help me learn more and get good grades....YES! If only I would have figured that one out when I was in college! I am LOVING my EMT Program! It is really hard and a lot of work, but it is amazing at what I am already able to do. There is a TON of reading for my class and I actually do most of it! If only it didn't take so much time! The class is starting to bond a little bit and we are making friends. They are awesome people...well most of them anyways! I have already done one of my clinical ride alongs with the ambulance and it was AMAZING! I got 3 calls, and I was able to do things on all of them.  I even got to take glucose levels, which I had never even done before!
Everything that we do takes a lot of practice and I had to do 20 different sets a vitals, and now we are starting the 100 patient assessments. My friends and family are all great and have let me play EMT on them! I hope they don't get sick of me asking them to play sick or injured for me! Next week I get to learn about the different drugs that I need to know about and how to give them. I'm slightly nervous for that section.
I am loving EMT class so much more than I thought I would! It's amazing work! I am getting nervous to take the state tests, but my instructor is amazing so hopefully I will be able to pass when it comes time!
So other than work and school there really isn't much going on in my life.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Life as of Lately

So I have been meaning to write about everything from my COLLEGE GRADUATION, to moving, to job hunting, to new life decisions....but somehow I have managed to put it off for a very long time! I'm just that great of a procrastinator! As you can see I graduated COLLEGE!!!!!!! YYYYYAAAAAHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Probably the best day of my life!!!! I still cannot believe that I made it through 5 painful/stressful/fun/awesome/busy/lovable years of my life! College was an amazing experience for me, and I learned so many things inside and outside of the classroom.  Southern Utah University is where I truly found out who I am, and who I want to become.  I have met some  of the greatest people on the planet, and I know that I will have life long friendships with them.  I will miss school so much though. I was so sad when the fall semester started and I was not going to class Monday morning, but this coming Tuesday I will start my new adventure.  Before I tell you all about that though, I need to say how freaking amazing it was to be at graduation! Day one, was kinda long, but as we stood up towards the end of the ceremony and they told us in some fancy way that we were graduated it started to become real.  Then we turned out tassel on our sexy graduation caps and everything was official! Day two was where I got to walk across the stage with my individual college and have my name announced an everybody cheered and it was awesome! The whole time I was telling myself to not trip, and I was successful! All of my hard work paid off in that instant, because it was the most amazing feeling in the world! There were so many times that I wanted to give up and drop out, but I stuck it out and now I get that pretty piece of paper to hang on my wall, along with my other diplomas.
After I graduated, I moved into a new apartment in Cedar where I live all by myself! I love it, but I have decided that I am kinda boring and it sucks not having anyone to talk to, but the pros out weigh the cons on any level! Plus I can do basically whatever I want, which is always a plus! I am also thinking of getting a bird, but I don't know if that one is going to go through or not.
Also after graduation, I started to look for jobs and well ya....not a very fun thing to do! I became frustrated because there was nothing that I really wanted, and I found myself applying for things that I didn't even want. So I started to think of what I could do...go back to school...get a masters degree...move home and live in my parents basement....become a beach bum...take up a life of crime...become a supper hero...these were all seriously considered, but I choose to go back to school and do an EMT program! It starts on Tuesday and I am really excited for it, but also really nervous! I hope I can handle everything that an EMT does and will see on the job. I guess there is no turning back now though. I already bought my EMT pants, boots (aka man boots), stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, and the BIGGEST textbook I have ever had! (and I have seen some pretty big scary books in my day!)
Oh and this summer I finally sucked it up and babysat little Porter! Guess what, he is still alive! He is the best little boy ever and I love him so much! I even changed his diaper! I was only alone with him for like 4-5 hours so it wasn't a big deal, but that little boy can wear me out! Plus if all else fails, you just put on Winnie the Pooh and he is glued to the TV.
Anyways...that is what has been going on in my life lately. I will try to post some pictures, but since I never even write on here, it might take me a while! Oh and if nothing makes sense in here, it's because it is starting to get late and I am really tired and I wont be rereading this before I post it. I need to pack for my trip home tomorrow, then go to bed! I should have been packing instead of writing this, but I am a professional procrastinator and I really don't want to pack!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Semester 2012

Wow, I haven't written anything on here in a very long time!  I guess that is an indication of how busy life has been for me.  This last semester is kicking my butt, to say the least! It's almost over, which is CRAZY!  This means the end of a era/chapter/very-important-time-in-my-life.  Some of the great things that has happened over this semester are:
  • Getting the horrible roommate evicted.
  • Taking Criminal Law (amazing class)
  • Meeting Sandy (my temporary roommate, who was so much fun!) 
  • Spending countless hours in the library reading stupid books for school...oh wait, that isn't such a fun thing...
  • Got to play a little tennis since the courts have been snow free for a couple weeks.
  • I had to go to a court hearing, and it was an amazing experience.
  • Meeting new friends in classes!
  • This year I was the vice president of Phi Alpha Theta, and I get to wear a sash and cords at graduation for being a member. I will look important...Ha ha!
Anyways not much has gone on this semester besides homework, but I have still managed to make it a great last semester.  Just last weekend Tyler got married.  Probably the weirdest thing ever to happen to me, but it will be good for them.  The wedding was in California, and not exactly a good time for me to leave the state, but I made it work.  Here are some things that went on during the wedding weekend:
  • Joey and I flew out there (so much better than driving!) 
  • I drove to the Vegas airport, all by myself! Anyone who knows me really well, knows that I hate driving in a lot of traffic and get really scared and make other people drive.  With Joey's help, I did it! (Although it was really scary, and Joey most likely was laughing at me on the inside.)  He drove us back. I wasn't doing that again!
  • Thank goodness that Joey's parents house was right by where we flew into, and he knew his way around, or we would still be there trying to get to the events of the weekend!   
  • It was really hot and humid there, but i survived.  
  • I almost caught the bouquet (It was destroyed in the process).  
  • I was able to spend time with Joey's sister Megan.  She is so cute and we are so much alike.  I just love that family!
  • I couldn't breath in my bridesmaids dress, but I didn't trip in the 6 inch heels I had to wear!
  • I was able to bring my own personal hair dresser to the wedding.  Good thing she is my sister in law! 
  • Caught a cold, and it was mixed with allergies...not so fun...
  • I did not get sick on the plane, a little dizzy but no puking!  
  • We were in Oakdale, Stockton, and Escalon, in California.  It was very green and pretty.  There were so many farms, it almost could have been Delta, minus all the trees, and everything being green, and no mountains, and it being humid...ok so not so much like Delta...

Now that the wedding is over, I guess I have to get back to business.  10 more days and it will all be over with, then I have GRADUATION!!!  I cannot believe that it has come so fast!  (I will dedicate another blog to graduation)  There have been many times that I thought over the 5 years that I have been here, that I wouldn't make it to this day...I also starting to think that I might not make it through the next 10 days!  I am scared and excited to go onto the next chapter of my life.  I don't have any idea of what I will be doing for the next little bit, but I am going make it! Wish me luck!

Hopefully my next blog will come sooner than this one did!

Monday, November 21, 2011


Wow, it has been a little while since a have blogged. My computer was having a few problems, but thanks to my wonderful brother it is now fixed! I can finally do homework at home now and not have to spend almost every night in the library. YAY! This semester has been very busy, but its very close to being over. Then only ONE more semester till I GRADUATE!!! I can not believe that I am so close to having my degree! It has always been a goal of mine to receive a bachelors degree, and all the late nights in the library, long hours of studying, pulling all nighters, too much money in tuition, and all the other wonderful things that come with being a college student will have finally paid off! Lets just hope I can pass my economics class this might be a little questionable right now.
I finally got to do something that I have been wanting to do for quite a while now. I finally got to go on my ride alongs! I have been on 2 now and they were absolutely AMAZING! I first went with the Cedar City Police Department, and just the other day I went with the Iron County Sheriffs Office! When I went with CCPD I got to ride with 2 different officers, which was really fun because I got to hear their different opinions about everything. Then when I was with the sheriffs deputy, I got to see someone that was a little in between the two officers from CCPD.  During the two ride alongs I was able to go on patrol, see a uncooperative guy get arrested for a DUI, went to a domestic dispute, did a little stake out, help a person who ran out of gas on the free way, made traffic stops, and some other stuff.  When I was with the ICSO it was a really dead night and we didn't get a single call, but it was still fun. The deputy was really nice and answered all my questions and told me so much great information.  I have fallen in love with law enforcement and I cannot wait to start my career in it!
Another interesting thing has been my new apartment.  My room is small, but it works.  I live on the third floor, so I don't hear too much noise from other neighbors, which is very nice.  I am living closer to campus which is nice because I don't have to leave as early to get to work or school. The only problem is one crazy roommate...I think Heavenly Father might be trying to teach me how to deal with crazy people and to have more patience.
My brother Tyler FINALLY got engaged!  I am excited to have another sister-in-law.  They have been dating for a very long time, so we have all been expecting this for quite some time.
As far as what next semester will bring...who knows! I registered for another psychology class...I think I am loosing my mind! I always hated psychology, but it will be an easy class. Plus, I guess psychology isn't as bad as I thought it was, I am becoming more interested in it.
Anyways that is a little of what is going on in my life.  I feel like I mostly go to school, work, then come home and do homework, but every once in a while I do something a little fun! :)  

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School

Summer seriously went by in the blink of an eye! I don't know how it goes by so fast every year, but oh well! The past couple of weeks were busy, between moving (again) getting ready for school, working, playing, and trying to get some last minute lazy time in the last of the summer ended way too quickly. I started my LAST YEAR at SUU! It's such a weird feeling that next fall I wont be here anymore, but graduating and having my degree is something that I have always wanted for myself. This semester will be a busy one, but it should be good. A little about my classes are:
  • History- Hitler and Nazi Germany (I have been wanting to take this class for 3 years! It will be an AMAZING class!)
  • Criminal Justice- its full of freshmen, but it will be an interesting class, and very helpful to me in the future.
  • Micro Economics- This one will be a hard class, but hopefully I will pass! I will actually have to read the text book :(
  • Psychology- Please kill me now! This will probably be one of the worst classes to attend. 4-5:30 is not my ideal time to go to class. Plus the professor (who was nick-named Willy Wonka by Norm last year) is not my favorite person...
  • Yoga- I am really excited for this one, I SO need some relaxation time! I plan to find my chi or whatever this semester!
I am crossing my fingers that I will pass everything so there will be no summer school for Dani. I have already been to the library to do homework! Aliese and I don't ever get that much done, but we do have fun in there! I plan to keep up on homework this semester, and to hopefully get my apartment unpacked sometime before the end of the semester!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Summer has been pretty darn good so far. I have had my ups and my downs but for the most part it's been one that I wont forget. School is coming way too fast, and I can't believe that I will be starting my last year at SUU soon! I will be so happy to graduate, but at the same time it is pretty scary! I am not sure what will happen once I leave SUU. I will be moving...again in a couple of weeks. I'm sad to leave this apartment. I love it SO much. I know moving to this apartment was what I was suppose to do, and I know I am meant to move to another apartment. Some of the highlights of summer have been...
  • Going on my new adventure
  • Making important steps to a possible career!
  • Watching way too much TV (thank you Net Flix and Hulu)
  • Getting really random complements... A few were...A guy went out of his way to tell me how much I looked like Miranda Lambert...A little girl told me and Jess how pretty we were
  • Finally getting so much of my stuff organized, which will make moving so much easier!
  • Playing tennis with Becky.
  • Random trips to St. George to spend time with friends and family!
  • Being able to share the Gospel with my neighbor.
  • Going to a new ward and new stake.
  • Having a nice view from the living room window.

There were a few bad things this summer too. My Grandpa Rex passed away. It was quite a shock to our family. He is in a better place now. My cat of 17 years also passes away. Poofy was more than my cat, he was my best friend. I got him in the second grade, so it's hard to think of a time when he wasn't there. He was very old and sick. I am glad he is now in a better place and is no longer suffering anymore.

For the last couple weeks of summer I will be packing, cleaning, and enjoying my time doing nothing, because once school starts I will be very busy! I am not looking forward to all the homework that I will have, but it will be a whole new adventure for me in a new apartment. I am looking forward to meeting new people and enjoying my last year of college!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Change of Address

It's official, I have a new address! I made the big move all the way across Cedar City! Living in Fiddlers has been good so far. Our apartment is still a mess and I still have quite a few boxes to go through, but it's starting to feel a little more like home! I like a lot of things better about this apartment than the last one, however there are a couple of dislikes too, but for the most part we love it! The good things are:
  • Only one roommate, who is freaking awesome!
  • Our land lord Bruce, he wears embroidered butt jeans which is funny, but he is way supper nice and great to work with!
  • Always having a parking spot in front of my apartment! I never have to park in BFE like at Stadium Way!
  • No freshman neighbors! I no longer have to hear stupid girls screaming!
  • Our great friend/neighbor Norm!
  • It's a grown up apartment!
  • Everything in it is ours, and we are making it cute!
  • I can actually share this bathroom no problem.
  • I have an awesome loft's actually my brothers old bunk beds, but I a ton of storage under my bed!
  • Quiet Neighbors!
The bad things about it are:
  • We have to leave our house about 10 minutes early, because it's so far away.
  • No will I ever keep up with the Kardashians now?
  • The steep driveway might be interesting in the winter...
  • The unpacking is never ending!
There are a more positives than negatives about this place. I have always loved these apartments and love that I now rent one! I feel more grown up at this place, and its weird but a good weird!

Moving was an interesting task for me. If you know me at all, you know I have a lot of stuff. Packing started in was a long process. Moving started Sunday afternoon and ended on Tuesday. I don't think that unpacking will ever end! It took my mom and I over 4 hours to clean my old apartment! I was really sad to leave my apartment in Stadium Way. It was such a great place to live! My room was awesome, but it was time to move on. I will miss many things about that place. I have so many amazing memories from there and I will always treasure them. College has taught me so many life lessons, and they were all learned at that apartment.

Thanks to my awesome family for helping me move, and especially to my mommy for all of her help! She is awesome!