Friday, October 12, 2012

OPQRSTIAMPLE...Not just letters of the Alphabet

I really should put a disclaimer at the first of this post because it's about 3 AM. If nothing makes sense, that is why. So if anyone wants to know what my life is like lately here it goes:
Wake up.
Get ready for work.
Yep that's basically it! Notice that there is a lot of studying going on...ya I'm just as shocked as you guys! Do I like it...not really...does it help me learn more and get good grades....YES! If only I would have figured that one out when I was in college! I am LOVING my EMT Program! It is really hard and a lot of work, but it is amazing at what I am already able to do. There is a TON of reading for my class and I actually do most of it! If only it didn't take so much time! The class is starting to bond a little bit and we are making friends. They are awesome people...well most of them anyways! I have already done one of my clinical ride alongs with the ambulance and it was AMAZING! I got 3 calls, and I was able to do things on all of them.  I even got to take glucose levels, which I had never even done before!
Everything that we do takes a lot of practice and I had to do 20 different sets a vitals, and now we are starting the 100 patient assessments. My friends and family are all great and have let me play EMT on them! I hope they don't get sick of me asking them to play sick or injured for me! Next week I get to learn about the different drugs that I need to know about and how to give them. I'm slightly nervous for that section.
I am loving EMT class so much more than I thought I would! It's amazing work! I am getting nervous to take the state tests, but my instructor is amazing so hopefully I will be able to pass when it comes time!
So other than work and school there really isn't much going on in my life.

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